Author: The Artist Carolina Teresita


You can see something was dropping down through the roof

I just can’t believe this situation.

I was trying to spray bleach.


Millie lives a half block from the church

Know her for years since me and my mom found that church started knowing the women there.

Isis grandmother must live half s block from the church if not across from it

They must be within s block or half a block from one another.

I don’t know isis grandmother told me she lives by the church don’t know where.

She the Jamaican lady lives maybe a block from isis grandmother.

There is a isis Grand mother and isis great grandmother

The great grandmother and isis lives down the street. Half a block across nebraska.

The grandmother who came here the other day lives by the church if not across from it. Millie the Jamaican lady filled with ideas lives by the church as well down a half street

Which reminds me I better tell her to come get some free groceries.

So I am guessing she told the Nigerians my business that my mother died

Which she talks to them every day WhatsApp is free calling over WiFi

And they must’ve told her something like oh bring her to Nigeria or something.

She asked me if I got my passport ready.

Luckily I don’t have one lol.

Every time I see this lady her name is milli a Jamaican lady who hangs around the church she is filled with multiple things she wants me to do

Go get a real estate license.

Go work in an office.

Get my passport and marry some Nigerians she met on WhatsApp

She tried to get me to talk to them over WhatsApp and she sends them money. And tried to marry me off to them or promise me to them.

No kidding. Nigerians! From Africa she says are engineers

So don’t ask me why when she stop by she said okay you need to get all your papers and your passport.

Try and send me

Trying to find women for some Nigerians she met online and has been talking to and sending money to for years.

One of the church ladies stopped by in a car to remind me to come by tomorrow to help give away food.

I always do every month volunteer at a church food pantry.

She is the one who called me 7:30 a.m. the day after my mom died I finally fell asleep maybe 5 a.m.

She was screaming Get up!! Go search for the house papers! And I said something like I am sleeping. She was just screaming get up!!

Um. Then I got up

They had me like


I looked through papers of course didn’t find it.

Thinking if o have the papers it will belong to me. Yeah right up against some of the people who pop in and out and around.

She is a heavy set Jamaican lady. Who wears a crazy wig most times.

So I was standing out there she wouldn’t stop talking my dog squeezed out the gate

She was talking about gonna take you somewhere to get a real estate license and you can sell your mom’s house yourself. And get the commission.

Just talking and talking.

This is going to take a while

To get access or to get any money from her account.

My mothers bank sent a letter

Saying they need the probate court papers

which hasn’t begun yet

and in two weeks the bank will send the form you need to fill out

And mail that back or bring it in along with everything.

This is going to take a while if they will take 2 weeks alone for the bank to mail you the form to fill out.

To take further action on the account.

And we didn’t do the probate process yet.

So I can’t really rely on that money

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