Month: August 2017

On the back end on 22nd Street entrance to the farmers market flea market

There were some Chinese people handing out flyers and I said oh I will take one. On the sidewalk outside the farmers market

Then they said oh sit down do you want us to pray for you.

I said ok.

Then they were filming it I assume for YouTube or personal use

Who knows where that will end up! Or in what country.

Then they said fill out this form and said ok we will pick you up later this afternoon for church.

Oh no.

I sent him a text saying Pastor so and so I can’t make it.

It could be human trafficking.

I don’t know.

I hope they dont show up.

I hope he reads it.

I don’t want the Chinese lady to waste her gas.

A new set of church people

they said

Love and light. Could be ascended masters.

Well I let them do sending energy into my body. Hands on praying in Chinese.

Collection of Art to be sold by Artist

An Art Collection made over several years by Artist Carolina Teresita is up for sale. It is a collection of Paintings Artwork drawings and Musings made over the years by the Artist Carolina Teresita.

This is her first collection which includes hundreds of pieces.

To buy this collection or suggest another deal

Contact the Artist by phone (813) 320-1947

Or connect online over Twitter @artistcarolina.

Annuit Coeptis,

The Artist Carolina Teresita