Month: August 2014

Artist seeking benefactor or buyer for art collection. Submit offer


Newly added to the collection: Marilyn Monroe.
Submit offer.

Xoxo: the Artist, Carolina Teresita


Artist seeks benefactor for a life time of art work.

I am a pop artist who is seeking a benefactor to be the owner of *all future works* for the price tag of $5.9 billion dollars.

Meaning every piece of art i create will belong to one person or group of benefactors. 

If you are interested in being a lifelong benefactor contact me immediately at 813 431 7404

Carolina Teresita. 

As my future benefactor: you also recieve and are owner of all past artwork created. A 700 piece collection. (Which is currently for sale)

Carolina Teresita.

Bold Billionaire Investors wanted:


Own a stake of Americana by investing in this unusal collection of Art featured for sale by Pop Artist Carolina Teresita.

As investor and art buyer you are sure to make news and headlines around the world when you daringly proclaim your investment into this lucky unknown artists work.

Prepare yourself to make News as well as be at the forefront of a media storm when you declare your part in this high stakes investment.

Painting featured which is in the collection:  Andy Warhol in his fright wig

Including this futuristic piece of pop art featuring George Washington also available in the collection by Carolina Teresita


Won’t  your friends be so envious when you proudly display this one of a kind piece of art by Pop Artist Carolina Teresita. 

This painting is just one of the many available in the collection to sold by Pop Artist Carolina Teresita
Investors get your checkbook ready.  Its the art collection to own.

To buy this one of a kind collection (728 pieces)
you can reach the artist at
(813 431 7404)

I look forward to spending time with the buyer.