latest thing i am on the lookout for


you know green tea can fight radicals even cancer because of antioxidants and polyphenols Google: all those things green tea can do  

which is the water from the green tea leaf. 

well matcha is ten times more powerful or potent they say because its the actual tea leaf that green tea is made of but pounded and blended and sifted to a powder you consume by whisking it the ground powdered tea leaf itself into water. or a bowl to drink so you are consuming the actual tea leaf itself not the water from the tea leaf 

a super antioxidant  

so I went yesterday to Publix  

I seen matcha tea $6 that’s not it per say and an organic matcha $13 

I want a better price than $13 which I think exists

but the concept of matcha is phenomenal 

and I seen online Lipton makes a matcha tea but I didn’t see that in publix

green tea is just the tea made fr green tea leaves 

matcha is consuming the actual tea leaf which is ground up  and supposedly 10 x more powerful as an antioxidant anti cancer medicinal properties. 

so be on the matcha look out prowl

I bought a box of green tea in the meantime meanwhile till I run across some matcha

brand of green tea I bought: tetley 72 tea bags $3 you can brew it  

then chill and have as iced tea even though its green

get the same benefits 

Busch gardens is so big

you have to spend like two days if not three to see enjoy it all  between the rides animals and different things 

the adult rides are at the far back  I think

just barely got there under sheikra it was 8 pm park closed one ride on shiekra left  I didn’t go on it.  couldn’t imagine doing that to myself   no way.  roller coaster. 

I will have to build up my confidence for those rides 

this was a walk in part – you can feed the kangoos and pet them I guess I didn’t try.